The Lorax

This term, grade 1 and 2 have been focusing on the Inquiry topic of ‘The Rainforest’. We have been exploring the benefits of rainforests, the different layers and all the animals and plants found within the rainforest. This week, we focused on the deforestation that rainforests are currently facing. We read the book ‘The Lorax’,… Continue reading The Lorax

eSmart Week

Last week, Mont Albert Primary School participated in National eSmart Week to show our commitment to building a cyber safe community. Students undertook some activities to help them develop skills to stay safe online. Year 1 students watched some episodes of Hector’s World. They then completed an activity where they sorted online situations into… Continue reading eSmart Week

Exploring the Jungle

This term the Junior School students are investigating rainforests – especially tropical rainforests, sometimes called jungles. One of the resources we are using is a computer program entitled ‘Buzzy Explores the Jungle’. Students can explore the jungles of the Amazon, Africa and Asia and learn about the plants and animals of each area. As they… Continue reading Exploring the Jungle

What do reading lessons look like in the Junior School?

Each lesson begins with a mini-lesson where students are specifically taught the skills they need to decode and understand the texts they are reading. This is then followed by Independent Reading. During this time, students read self chosen ‘just right’ texts and track their thinking while reading. This is a time when they practice the… Continue reading What do reading lessons look like in the Junior School?


Year 2 have been doing some wonderful work during Maths sessions this year. A typical class will usually start with a discussion about the keywords to be used during the session. This is then followed by a warm up task to get us thinking about Maths and ready for the lesson. On Tuesday this was… Continue reading MATHS at MAPS