This week, Year 2 students have been revisiting the different genres of writing they have learnt this year for our ‘Multi Genre’ unit. Students have selected a celebration to focus on for their writing, including Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Diwali and Chinese New Year. They have then picked their three favourite genres of writing. These have… Continue reading Writing

Bee Bots

Last week in Year 1, we focused on Measurement and Geometry. We were learning about using a map and the appropriate language to give someone directions from a starting point to reach a desired destination. We also used the Bee Bots and various maps to program them on. We used language such as, anticlockwise, clockwise,… Continue reading Bee Bots


Year 2 students visit the library weekly and enjoy borrowing and browsing. In addition lessons cover library skills and literature. This term the Year 2 students literature focus has centred on Margaret Wild’s Pocket Dogs ,Colin Thompson’s, Stanley and Aaron Blabey ‘s Pig the Pug picture books. Discussions and comparisons relating to the themes of… Continue reading Library

Year 2 Robotics

Students in Year 2 have been working on improving their coding skills through the studio.code.org website and robotics. The website uses block coding, a skill that they are finding is very useful when it comes to programming robots. The robots that we are using are Edison robots. They can be programmed by running them over… Continue reading Year 2 Robotics


A very warm welcome back to Term 4! This will be a busy and exciting term for students in the Junior School. Our Inquiry topic this term is, ‘How can we be Scientists?’ The activities planned aim to help the students develop the following understandings: Everyday items are made of different materials. These materials can… Continue reading TERM 4