Science Science Science

What a fun and engaging way to be introduced to a new Inquiry topic. All Year 1 and Year 2 students had the opportunity to participate in a Hands on Science Incursion this week.
The incursion encouraged the students’ natural curiosity about the world with Hands On Science’s fun and educational science. Throughout the session the Science teacher used a developmental, hands-on approach to teaching various key science concepts, allowing the students throughout the session to develop their inquiry skills through engaging investigations and experiments.
Students worked in collaborative groups to explore, discover and experiment. Students began by investigating 6 different clear liquids. They had to work out which tube was water. They were able to shake and use their observation skills to work it out.


Some of the clear liquids were tricky… one was glue, vinegar, salt water and water!
The students learnt about chemical science and how we can do so many experiments with ingredients in the home.
One of the other experiments the students undertook was to see what would happen to food colouring when it was dropped in water and salt water.


Students had to half fill three cups of water. In the first glass, students had to add a couple of teaspoons of salt. They had to stir the salt water until the salt dissolves. They then had to add a couple of drops of food colouring to each cup and observe what was happening. The scientist then came around and dropped a little tablet in the third cup which made the cup bubble.
Students observed what was happening and recorded their answers on a worksheet.


The scientist explained to the students that the food colouring sits above the salt water because the salt expands and takes up all the space in the bottom of the cup!
We are all scientists!!



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