Year 2 Robotics

Students in Year 2 have been working on improving their coding skills through the website and robotics. The website uses block coding, a skill that they are finding is very useful when it comes to programming robots. The robots that we are using are Edison robots. They can be programmed by running them over a bar code, or by creating a series of instructions on an iPad. So far, students have learnt to put on an LED light, make the robot buzz and drive it backwards and forwards. Two students followed instructions which ended up making their robot play the Star Wars theme. There have been a few glitches with hardware, but through problem solving and checking the steps, (and Phoung’s assistance) both teachers and students are improving each time we use them.

New vocabulary we have learnt: variable, constant, dual drive, single drive, line tracker, loop, wait time, EdComm cord, infrared, icons.

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