This week, Year 2 students have been revisiting the different genres of writing they have learnt this year for our ‘Multi Genre’ unit.

Students have selected a celebration to focus on for their writing, including Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Diwali and Chinese New Year.

They have then picked their three favourite genres of writing. These have included Poetry, Recounts, Narratives, Information Reports, Persuasives and Procedures. They are responsible for following the writing process and planning, drafting, revising, editing and publishing their work.

The grade 2 students will showcase their incredible writing with their families in the following weeks… (details coming soon!)

Take a look at some of the fantastic writing that 2/17 have created below!


Descriptive Christmas poetry using onomatopoeia such as ‘cling!’ ‘crush!’ ‘bling!’ –  by Naomi


Inez used personification to bring the stairs to life in her Halloween poetry piece.


Josh wrote a persuasive piece persuading people with the argument that ‘Children should not be given lollies on Halloween’.


Tara wrote a poetry piece about a birthday party.


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